Sewer Eye is a leading supplier of affordable and durable sewer inspection systems. Since 2000, Sewer Eye has been delivering high quality sewer inspection systems across the globe to places like Texas, Australia, England, Israel, and Minnesota.

The Sewer Eye Guarantee

Our promise is simple. Our professional products will help you get the job done and get it done at an affordable price. Period.

Give us a call to get the system that will be the best fit for you and your customers.


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    Service After the Sale -Sewer Cameras

    If service is important to you, rest assured, no one treats their customers better than the hardworking and dedicated professionals at SewerEye.  We not only service our cameras after the sale, but we also fix competitors sewer inspection cameras.

    We also have a large supply of add-ons and accessories for your sewer inspection camera.

    Give us a call today and find out what great customer service is really like.

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    Don’t forget…we service and repair most competitor’s products.

  • Accessories

    We also have many other accessories to customize your inspection system.

       We Carry A Wide Variety of Skids and Slide Balls.

    • Extra Long Cable

    • 512 Hz Locator Sonde

    • Dimmers

    •     Dimmer control to adjust camera lights for optimal picture.
    •     Pull Cable System can be pulled into pipe and cranked back on reel.
    •     Can be used with optional skid for larger pipes.
    •     Easy one plug connection from monitor to reel.
    •     Smaller systems for small pipes
  • Sewer Eye Pipe Inspection Camera